Her films celebrate the collaboration between writers, poets and actors exploring identity in our contemporary society. She creates an experience where she combines all her expertise visual arts, fashion and dance. Using editing at her advantage, she combines her movies with archive footage. All films are planned films with specific conceptual aims. She co-founded with the actress Jessamine-Bliss Bell a film label called EXT. ANGST in 2020.

Coming soon: Fermasi Umani – Free For All


featuring Niccolò Tominetti and Sabina Daloiso 

Written by Matilde Scaramellini and Bruno Mereu

Music composed by Bruno Mereu.

“About people, I only remember the most bizarre things, small and ironic truths, variations on a theme: survival compels vast forms of creativity.”

A room, silence. Then another room, the same silence and a poem marked by periods of a forced quarantine.

During the first pandemic, two lovers, coerced into a protective distance, kept each other alive through their loving tension that led to an exchange based entirely on correspondence.

The two young people, in a state of extraordinary solitude, speak to each other with a touching transparency as they simultaneously question themselves about their human condition. 

While society forces them to isolate, the protagonists search for a way to get closer to one another.

While questioning a sanitized, categorized and somehow guilty society, they rediscover the counting of days and a deep contact with their most intimate desires, not induced by the social sphere.

The short film was born from the director’s interest in the story of a friend who meets a musician and falls in love with him, the day before the closure of Italy due to the pandemic.

From this meeting and the impossibility of seeing each other again, an actual textual exchange arises, reported here in its entirety.

For this reason the work retains a deliberately romantic and evocative style, poised between an almost pictorial scenic construction and soft passages with the hand-held camera, which bring back an intimate and familiar documentary form.

Carrying out her artistic research on the re-elaboration of memory and introspection, the artist and director Mara Palena transports us into a dreamlike dimension with sometimes very warm, almost hallucinogenic tones, which then fade as if in a hardly definable memory.

The images and words are enhanced and relived through the music composed by Bruno Mereu. The sound translates into notes the expressive need of the protagonist, himself a pianist, and tries to interpret the perception of his correspondent.

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