Her films celebrate the collaboration between writers, poets and actors exploring identity in our contemporary society. She creates an experience where she combines all her expertise visual arts, fashion and dance. Using editing at her advantage, she combines her movies with archive footage. All films are planned films with specific conceptual aims. She co-founded with the actress Jessamine-Bliss Bell a film label called EXT. ANGST in 2020.

A Study On Behaviour, In Isolation (Director, Editor, Short, 2020)

Oikeiôsis, study of introspection (Artist, Short, 2020)

A Study On Behaviour, Sequences Of Performangst (Director, Editor, Short, 2020)

Problem Play (Artist, Short, 2019)

The 1975: Frail State of Mind (Director, Music Video, 2019) 

My answer is a lie. The truest lie of all. (Director, Editor, Short, 2019)

Sequences of disrupted intimacy (Director, Editor, Short, 2019)

A Study On Behaviour, Sequences Of An Ordinary Day (Director, Editor, Short, 2018)

Dialogo, serie di racconti privati (Director, Editor, Short, 2017)

1915-1999 (Artist, Short, 2017)

Everything that happened, happened before (Director, Editor, Short, 2017)

Pulcinella (Co-directed, Co-edited, Interview, 2017)