Using the photographic medium as a personal tool of research she dig into issues such memory and identity. Her work is intimate and introspective. She works mainly with installations, videos, images often combined in the same body of work. She collaborates with sound designers and sound artists creating immersive experiences. She daily documents her life, she then combines the material into series with specific conceptual aims.

Art commissions and inquiries

Mara Palena’s artistic process revolves around a research on human emotions in relation to time, memory and identity. Experimentation is a constant of her method which sees the combination of different techniques, mediums and languages. In installations and mixed-media works, the artist uses photography, sound and video as a starting point, to then manipulate and alter them, questioning the concept of memory and individuality. The awareness of human frailty haunts her research: the study of emotional states becomes central in the design of multisensory and multimedia installations. Conscious and unconscious; present, memory and projection are confused in the existential fragments that the artist combines within his projects, relying on different methods of studying the self:  from psychoanalysis, to sound therapy, to EMDR, processes crossed by the artist herself and then return to her own personal elaboration. However, the intimate sphere opens up to the collective, in the construction of immersive scenarios that empathically welcome the viewer in a large, potentially infinite mnemonic archive. Collecting moments and recording states of imperceptible vulnerability opens up towards the hope of tracing a shared feeling.

Mi Ricordo Di Te (2021)

Tutto Per Sempre (2021)

Pensieri (2017-2021 on going)

EMDR, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (2020-2022 on going)

Oikeiôsis, study of introspection (2007 – 2022 on going)

Problem Play (2019)

Riflessioni sulla Psyche (2018)

1915-1999 ( 2017)

Isolation (2017)

The floating piers (2017)

Undertow, memories of an American journey (2016)