Mara Palena (b. 1988) works and lives in Milan. Her aesthetic is strongly influenced by her training in the fashion industry, where she worked for the most influential fashion stylists.
She works mainly with installations, videos, images often combined in the same body of work. Her films celebrate the collaboration between writers, poets and actors exploring identity in our contemporary society. Combining all her expertise in visual arts, fashion and dance her films are planned with specific conceptual aims. Her work has been exhibited in several collective exhibitions, her first solo show was hosted by Twenty14 in 2016. Her work has been selected and exhibited during LA Photomonth 2017 and Lucie Foundation Los Angeles. She had her solo exhibition Oikeiôsis, A Study Of Introspection, curated by Twenty14 and patroned by Casa D’aste Pananti at Pananti Atelier in 2020 in Milan. Co-founder of FIORIARTIFICIALI and EXT. ANGST.