installation views

“I Chose to Get Involved” finalist PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE AT SAC – Spazio Arte Contemporanea, Livorno, 18th Sept – 9th Oct 2021
“A Study On Behaviour” exhibition and talk, curated by Micaela Flenda, Recontemporary, Torino, 11 Sept-1Oct 2021

Oikeiôsis, study of introspection, curated by Twenty14, patroned by Casa D’aste Pananti, Pananti Atelier, Milan, 16th January 2020

Oikeiôsis, study of introspection, PYLOT 09 The “how-to” Issue, London, 18th October 2018

Screening “A STUDY ON BEHAVIOUR”, PYLOT 09 The “how-to” Issue, London, 18th October 2018

1915-1999, Marsell Paradise, Milan, 17th May-17th June 2017

The Floating Piers, Lucie Foundation during MOPLA at the STNDRD View, Los Angeles, 16th-22nd January 2017

Undertow, memories of an american journey, Art Society, London, 4th July 2016