installation views

UPCOMING “I Chose to Get Involved” finalist PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE AT SAC – Spazio Arte Contemporanea, Livorno, 18th Sept – 9th Oct 2021
“A Study On Behaviour” exhibition and talk, curated by Micaela Flenda, Recontemporary, Torino, 11 Sept-1Oct 2021

“I Chose to Get Involved” selected for the Group Exhibition for the Etherea Art Prize, Etherea Art Gallery, Genova, 10th April 2021

Oikeiôsis, study of introspection, curated by Twenty14, patroned by Casa D’aste Pananti, Pananti Atelier, Milan, 16th January 2020

Problem Play, Group Exhibition, AMBIENTE 1° – LA MISURA curated by Orio Vergani at Nowhere Gallery, Milan, November 2019

Oikeiôsis, study of introspection, PYLOT 09 The “how-to” Issue, London, 18th October 2018

Screening “A STUDY ON BEHAVIOUR”, PYLOT 09 The “how-to” Issue, London, 18th October 2018

1915-1999, Marsell Paradise, Milan, 17th May-17th June 2017

The Floating Piers, Lucie Foundation during MOPLA at the STNDRD View, Los Angeles, 16th-22nd January 2017

Undertow, memories of an american journey, Art Society, London, 4th July 2016

Between the lines by Archipelago,Roz Barr Gallery, London 20th-29th October 2016

Ouvrage by Archipelago, T14 Contemporary Gallery, Milan, 4th October-4th November 2016

Undertow, memories of an american journey, Twenty14 Contemporary Gallery, Milan, 25th February-19th March 2016