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EXT. ANGST is an independent film label created by Mara Palena and Jessamine-Bliss Bell. They have a deep interest in making experimental films, with no purpose other than to explore areas of film making and ideas they feel there is limited space for in the industry. Mara has a background in the fashion industry, she then moved on to photography and videography work exploring mostly the themes of identity and memories. She has a deep knowledge of cinema and a very unique aesthetic identity as a film maker. Jessamine is an actress who studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She has worked internationally and explored many types of film making. She aims to implicate and explore elements of the method on film, through EXT. ANGST. She also writes the projects about themes that feel relevant to her and to her place in society. Together, they aim at making films that not only exercise their curiosity for the themes of the films, but study the human behaviour and particularly that in the context of our society. EXT ANGST aims at making films freely, always searching for the truth of the moments whilst staying true to the narrative of each project.